Africa and the Digital Divide: Doky Foundation to fight the differences

For digital divide refers to the digital divide between those who have or have no access to new communication technologies such as mobile phones, Internet, satellites, etc. and which is, today, one of the many challenges of global development.

Africa is one of those countries where the gap is very strong, not only towards the North of the world, but also between the different states of the continent where the socio-economic differences have created an imbalance between countries that have, in this sense, evolved more than others.
The data, from the point of view of information, reveal a disheartening situation: 1 Africa on 4 has a radio, 1 in 12 has a television set, a mobile phone 1 in 30, 1 in 45 owns a fixed telephone line, 1 out of 150 own a PC, 1 in 180 uses the Internet and only 1 in 500 has a subscription to a pay-TV.

This technological backwardness, accompanied by the well-known problems of poverty and malnutrition, is to strengthen economic and cultural isolation of the African population against the world.

The solution to the problem involves not only African governments, but especially the most industrialized countries and international aid organizations that are expected to agree to spread widely among people the tools they need to development.

Some small step in this direction was made: Doky Foundation donates its platform to schools in Congo to help children become familiar with the cloud-based technology. A great initiative motivated by our desire to combat the digital divide in the world.

Although, African national governments have tried to remedy the problem: some countries such as Burkina Faso, for example, have focused on the telephone diffusion, proposing to install a pay phone in their territory every 20 kilometers; Ghana, however, has provided a telephone line per 500 inhabitants.
Despite these efforts, the problem still remains difficult to resolve: it will not be easy for governments in reducing rapidly the digital divide in such a vast and populous country.

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Doky Foundation is born for realize one of our passion theme: education. We fight the digital divide in the world with our Cloud Computing Platform.