What We Do

We are focused in Congo but we have global aspiration

Change the world is possible. Bring technology everywhere is possible.

Imagine, if every companies donate 1% of of their capital, time and product for causes that matter to them. The outcome would be massive value creation that makes capitalism stronger, more resilient and more rewarding and a more just world. In essence, mission-driven organizations become stronger and more resilient in the long run because they stand for something that matters.

We do much more: the Doky Foundation intends to go beyond 1% in terms of product donations and plans to offer our platform for free to any school and student in need. Our initial programs is focus on education in African countries, but our initiative has global aspiration.

We went to Congo, and we donated our platform to schools, to help children to familiarize with cloud-based technology and express their potential.

Congo is a country in Central Africa ravaged by war, its economy has been in trouble for some time, despite having resources such as diamond mines, exploited by foreign companies. From 1970 to 2005, the GDP of the Democratic Republic of Congo has grown with a negative rate of 3%, this means that its economic situation worsens from year to year. But since 2009 this country has seen the growth of international investments that have led to a development in various sectors, including infrastructure.

But Congo remains one of the poorest countries in Africa where 71% of the population live below the poverty line, unemployment reached 70%, life expectancy does not exceed 57 years and 70% of children don't attend school.

And so we decided to start here our trip, in one of the countries where our Cloud Platform can make a difference.