Cloud Computing can transform IT in Africa

For many Africans, access to services quickly and conveniently through the cloud computing, can change their lives.

There was a time when Africa did not have the infrastructure or market conditions to support cloud technology. But now we are seeing an initial development of the infrastructure and a change in African's mind.

Digitalisation can change the face and the future of Africa, contribuiting to solve social-economic problems, but it is a process that needs to be managed with care.

In Africa smartphones and web will run the economy

Millions of young Africans dream of Europe, hundreds of thousands depart, thousands die in the Mediterranean. But there's more. It is the story of an opportunity. Two factors promise an exponential growth: the demographic and digital growth. Internet is a truth, and history to tell is that of the next billion people who will be online.

Africa: the technology is possible

Africa: a continent with over 800 million souls (one seventh of the world population), representing over 20% of the land and is the second largest (over 30 million square kilometers) and the number of humans. A land where the technology is patchy, where the growth opportunities are harnessed by the failure to achieve certain assumptions.